Spring Forward: Cherry Blossoms, Mixed Media, 12"x12" (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved. Available by commission (600.00 for 12"x12")

Spring Forward: Cherry Blossoms, Mixed Media, 12"x12" (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved. Available by commission (600.00 for 12"x12")


"Arrived today. Perfect condition. It is awesome! I love it so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"--Commission client feedback

People will often ask me if I take commissions. The answer is a hearty YES/NO.

YES--I do take commissions for work that are within the styles of one of my existing series.

NO--I do not take commissions for work outside my existing series but I can help.

Why don't I take commissions for other work? Over twenty years, I have honed my craft and painted and drawn everything from refined portraits to comic characters to abstract landscapes. In that time, I've figured out what I'm good at and what is more challenging.

My commitment to you as a collector is that you will LOVE what I create for you. And to do that means that I have to play to my strengths, which means being honest about what I can or cannot do well. That said, I can help as I have a network of talented colleagues with expertise in a wide range of styles and can connect you with them for work outside my style.

If you choose to engage me in a commissioned work, you can be confident in your investment. I love working on commissions as I get to know my commission collectors at an even deeper level and gives me the chance to deliver a custom work. If you see a painting you like and you want it replicated but in a larger or smaller size, I can absolutely do that. There will likely be some slight variations, but I am deeply connected with each piece I've made--remembering the mix of colors, the layers, and process, so you can be confident it will be very similar to the original. Please note that commissioned works carry an additional 20% charge. (For example, an 11"x14" painting would normally be 600.00 USD; a commissioned 11"x14" piece would be 720.00 USD.)

Fill out the form below to let me know what kind of piece you want to commission--size, shape, and subject matter. If it is a replicated painting you would like, please let me know the title of the original. If you know you want a commission but aren't sure exactly what you want, no problem! We can schedule a time to Skype or FaceTime and I can make some recommendations.


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