Greek Orange Grove

“Greek Orange Grove” was inspired by a college trip to Crete. I was lucky enough to be studying abroad in England my junior year.

After growing up in the States, I wanted to spend a year in my home country to have my own experiences of English life. So with some friends, I took a break to Crete for spring break. It was an incredible trip filled with sunshine, crystal clear water, the freshest of food, and, one one occasion, the skinniest of dips.

On an afternoon walk, we came across a little traffic circle that had orange trees growing on it. They were at peak ripeness and we couldn’t resist trying them. I have never before or since had an orange THAT GOOD.

We were mid way through enjoying the sweetness when suddenly we looked around and realized we were in the middle of a private orange orchard! We screamed and ran back down the road, the taste of orange still honeyed and the pang is guilt growing.

Decades later, I memorialized that magical misdeed in this 36”x36” acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. The edges are painted with the front of the painting so you don’t need to frame it. The painting is valued at $3500 USD and that includes US shipping, and some special gifts from me! Add to your collection

Greek Orange Grove.jpg

Wenatchee River Valley

The Wenatchee River Valley is a beautiful place. My husband and I stopped for a hike there earlier this summer on our way to Leavenworth for a friend’s wedding.

The smell of the cedar permeates the air. The sky was bluer than blue and the river moved steadily reminding us that we are small parts of this resilient yet fragile Earth.

Days like that remind me why I moved to Washington state. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We are on sacred ground here and I am grateful for it.

What’s your favorite place to go—the one that connects you to something larger, more ethereal about life and our world?

Click here to add Wenatchee River Valley to your collection. It measures 6”x12” and is in gallery-wrapped canvas.

Wenatchee River Valley.jpg

Bringing Joy to Queens

I don’t know if there a a better feeling than seeing my art in its new home bringing joy to my collectors. This little gem—Queens | City Joy—was inspired by Doug and his daughter Abbee who moved to Queens a few months ago and are loving city life.

Doug and Abbee are amazing humans and I am so honored that they decided to add Joy to their art collection.

They put it by the door as a reminder to look for joy every time they go out in the world—which I just love. Original art adds richness and brings a spark to your life.

Thank you so much Doug and Abbee! I am so grateful!

Doug and his daughter Abbee with a bit of Queens Joy!

Doug and his daughter Abbee with a bit of Queens Joy!

Fear or Excitement: Who Decides?


"I'm so nervous about doing this."

I hear that a lot as an Artist Coach. In fact, I hear about it so much I wanted to write to you about it because we all have those moments in life when we feel scared of what's ahead or where we are at.

Excitement or Fear? A Tool

Over the years, I've picked up a tool that's really helped me when I'm nervous or fearful about doing something and I wanted to share it with you.

So here's the secret--fear and excitement feel roughly the same physically. Our breathing is more rapid, our heart might pound a little, our nerves feel nervy--I even have a weird metallic taste that comes up whether I'm really nervous or really excited.

What we do with that physical response can affect our perceived reality. When I feel those sensations, I’ve started doing a quick analysis of the situation. If it’s not life or death and if I’m not in actual danger, I’ve been saying to myself, I'm so excited about this!” Suddenly, instead of being subject of my fear, I am agent of my own adventure!

Agent of My Own Adventure

As agent of my own adventure, I’m making a choice to do this thing (whatever it is)—from open sea kayaking, to a sprint triathlon, to leading an artist’s workshop, to traveling by myself to visit my Mum and a dear art friend to see Hilma af Klint's breakthrough art show in New York City (where the photo up top was taken).

The tool--labeling the fear as excitement--gets me over the hump and out the door to my adventure. And oh the rewards of doing that--being able to stand in front of the world's first abstract artist, Hilma af Klint. Seeing porpoises swim 30 feet away as my nephew and I kayaked together. Being a part of my workshop participants' journey to increased self-expression. Even tiger paddling my way through the swim leg to PR in my bike leg and run respectably and not finish last in my first sprint triathlon. Taking that first step to see what I can do has meant having experiences that make my life richer, more fun, and more filled with joy.

So try it out. Next time you are feeling nervous about doing something and thinking about maybe not doing it, try saying to yourself "I'm so excited!" and take that next step.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway. This tool is one you can use to help you take that first step.

Have a great day. And remember to look for joy. I promise it is there.

Sarah C.B. Guthrie, MFA

Oh and here's a little Joy for you--"My heart flutters" 12"x12" Acrylic on paper. Click here for more information about the piece.


Green purple dark blue

The works in "What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?" are inspired by suggestions from people in my life and those who follow me on social media. I ask for inspiration and in return I paint images designed to refresh and restore. The works are small and prices for collecting multiples. Comment below and let me know what three colors bring you joy!

What 3 colors bring #joy? One person said green purple dark blue.

This 5"x7" piece is 95.00 (includes mat and shipping). PayPal accepted. Comment "WANT" to purchase or comment "MORE" to commission your own 3-color work and I'll message you.

"We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure, but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world. To make injustice the only measure of our attention is to praise the Devil."--Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven

Green purple dark blue. Acrylic on paper 5"x7" 95.00 (matted and shipped) 

Green purple dark blue. Acrylic on paper 5"x7" 95.00 (matted and shipped) 

April Challenge!

I'm getting ready for a solo show in May. I have 25 paintings but I need to paint at least 75 What 3 Colors Bring You Joy paintings to get to an even 100! And I NEED YOUR HELP WITH INSPIRATION!! Please post what 3 colors bring you joy in the comments below. Share with your friends and ask them to post too. Thank you!! #aprilchallenge #75paintings #💯

Yellow pink red 5" x 7" Acrylic on paper (c) 2017. 95.00 USD matted and shipped in US. 

Yellow pink red 5" x 7" Acrylic on paper (c) 2017. 95.00 USD matted and shipped in US. 

"These are so great!" or, how Mike "Gabe" Krahulik tweeted about my paintings

MIKE "GABE" KRAHULIK TWEETED THAT HE LIKED MY WORK, screamed the "inside my head" voice. The tweet came late on New Year's Eve and I replied with thanks right away because I am a dork. A polite dork. (See it all here: "These are so great!")

Working with another artist's style is fascinating. As I paint and lay down lines, I'm also working to stay true to Mike Krahulik's art--his color choices and gestures. I work to honor what he's created and bring my sense of play to these paintings.

I paint in the margins of the day. I wake up most mornings at 5:30 am and head to the studio with a cup of hot tea and the dog, and get to work. In winter the studio is cold. But there is no place I would rather be at the start of every day. If I can paint at the end of the day, I do.

It can be hard in that daily rhythm to have a sense that the outside world notices the work. The tweet from Mike was a little miracle to this emerging artist. I had done justice to his work. It truly is Fine Art Fan Art. And I'm having a blast.


Why a love story to Seattle?


Seattle: A Love Story is series of memoir paintings telling the story of my journey to Seattle and all the factors--freedom to marry and remarry, choose the timing of my children, own property, move cross-country, earn graduate degrees, earn income--that until recently I took for granted. So few women in this world have that kind of opportunity and privilege. I am grateful for these liberties and want to share that story through this series of post-abstract landscapes.