Losing love and taking care (from April 22, 2018)

I woke up this morning to news that a friend's wife passed away after fighting ovarian cancer for two years. I am heart broken for her husband, daughter, their family, and friends. And, honestly, it's had me kind of paralyzed and teary today. There's all sorts of cliched thoughts running through my head, but what lingers are echoes of other losses. One of my family lost a very beloved friend recently. My cousin's beloved son who passed away six years ago. Ted, my painting mentor, who passed away 12 years ago. More. Too many more.

I'm not really sure what to write--or even if I should share this to you--but it feels important. Grieving, letting in and letting out the sadness and anger, feels so important. If you are struggling with loss, I hope you have some love you can lean into for support, whether family, a trusted friend, or counselor. That connection with others will help soften the jagged edges of grief.

And, while we are here, please get that thing checked. You know. That thing. I wrote this week on Instagram about my follow up eye appointment--and how 18 months ago I'd had to have emergency eye treatment. My recovery is going well and my doctor said now everything is stable. The procedure averted riskier and more invasive surgery. And that's where I implore you to get that thing checked. I'd had flashes in my vision, but didn't understand the level of risk I was in...until I called the nurse line, described my symptoms, and she booked my appointment that same morning. So whatever that thing is for you (as one friend said, when you hit a certain age, there are a lot of "things!"), please get it checked.

Thank you for reading and for taking care of your loved ones...and especially yourself.

Here is some healing heart chakra green joy for you. Sending you the peace and fresh air of a walk in the woods.

"Deep Forest" dark green lighter green and gray 04/14/18 #103 5"x7" Acrylic on YUPO.