Finding love, finding joy (from May 2, 2018)

In my last email I wrote about losing love and taking care of ourselves, so let’s swing the pendulum the other way this week.

Let’s talk about finding love and finding joy this week.

Finding Love, Finding Joy

The end of May marks thirteen years that I’ve been divorced from my then-husband and this past week marked the seven year “meetaversary" of my husband Tom and I met. That six year gap felt like dog years, some days. I knew I wanted a life partner, which for me was a husband, and a family...and just something different. I wanted adventure. Even a new city to live in after being in Washington DC area for twenty years. And then one night in April seven years ago, I had a date with a retired Marine who made me laugh and made me think, even on our first phone call together. And soon after the adventures began--moving cross-country to Seattle, meeting new friends, exploring new places, learning a new culture, re-establishing my studio space, and finding my calling by creating the series, "What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?" By creating a life that brought me joy, I have been able to share that joy with you through my art.

If you are in that place now--of knowing what you want and also knowing you're not there just yet--keep going. Hold on to that vision of what you want for your life. Keep taking steps that move you in that direction. Don't worry about how long it may take or that you started late. It may not unfold the way you thought, but keep going. And if you are an artist, writer, performer, protect your art and keep practicing. We need you. We need more creative, positive energy in this world and you are just the person to do it. Trust me.