What does Joy look like at the level of Community?

In September, I was thrilled to be invited to exhibit at the second Saturday Ballard Art Walk. This opportunity gave me a chance to debut the What 3 Colors Bring You Joy? here in Seattle. As I thought about the show, I knew I wanted to paint live for people attending, as I did at my show in June in Virginia. 

But I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to paint the Joy of the Community.

What does that mean exactly? Good question. I wasn't entirely sure, but I knew I wanted to ask people who attended about their joy colors and then working on a grid (of course!) paint each person's 3 colors in a grid square.

As each person came through, I asked them to write down the 3 colors that bring them joy--and I painted through the evening. It was a magical experience. Some people knew right away which colors they wanted to write down. Some took a great deal of time to think about their 3 colors. Some talked about other things that brought them joy (I learned of a great pastry shop to try as a result of one conversation!). Some friends came by which is always so special. One person--the first person there--was an artist visiting from Japan and had seen the announcements about my show and decided to come to see the show. I was so honored to meet her. At the end of the evening, I drew one of the names from all those who shared their joy and will gift the painting to them.

The show and this project has given me insight into how to take What 3 Colors Bring You Joy to the next level. I am so excited about what it means to paint the joy of a community. A flood of questions comes to me--do the colors change by community? Does geography change it? Socio-economic status? Race? Ethnicity? Age? Is Joy...are colors...something we share in common?

In the coming months, I will be researching and creating opportunities to paint Community Joy in new spaces and places. If you have ideas or suggestions, or would like to invite me to your community, please comment below or email me at Sarah@ArtistGu3.com.

Click here to view paintings in the What 3 Colors Bring You Joy? series.

"Ballard Joy 2017" Mixed Media on YUPO paper. 19"x25" (c) 2017 All rights reserved.

"Ballard Joy 2017" Mixed Media on YUPO paper. 19"x25" (c) 2017 All rights reserved.