Failure, Resilience, and the Women Painters of Washington

I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve been juried into the Women Painters of Washington!! This prestigious group has a rigorous selection process and I really pushed my work as a painter to get in. I am in the “Blue” show hanging now at the Women Painters of Washington Gallery in the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle (it’s up through late September 2019). Please stop by the show (and take a selfie!)

There’s a little back story here too…I had submitted to join this group last year and got through the first round but not the second. I asked for feedback and they said I needed to work on my design and composition—a punch in the gut after 20 years of painting and an MFA.

I took a breath and regrouped and then started wishing for/manifesting some sort of art program or workshop or SOMETHING that would refresh me on the elements of composition and mixing colors in acrylics and improving my ability to critique my own work—without having to do a bunch of rando weekend art retreats. I wanted to go deeper in MY style, not someone else’s.

Fortunately for me artist Amira D. Rahim was listening to that wish I put out in the universe and created Better Than Art School. It was a big and humbling leap to take but dammit if that wasn’t one of the best decisions of my art career. If you’re interested in learning more about Amira’s breakthrough 8-week online program, check out the Better Than Art School webinar. Amira’s teaching helped me get the refresh I needed and to find my way deep into my own painting point of view.

It’s been an upward and magical climb since the disappointment of that rejection. It’s worth it to face the hard stuff and keep persevering. Joy hard won can sometimes be the best joy. Have you ever faced rejection and turned it around? I’d love to hear about it—tell me about it in the comments below.

WPW Hooray.jpg