Uncertain | Radical Acts of Joy

A friend of mine messaged me today that she will be sharing my Joy series with her congregation this Sunday. I was deeply moved and her note inspired some deep thinking about the vital role joy plays in dark times.

Hi, Sarah, I wanted to let you know that I plan to mention you in my sermon on Sunday. I have been so grateful for your posting your beautiful artwork on Facebook. You have helped me see joy when the larger world looks only grim and gray. I think that's a sacred gift, and I am deeply grateful that you share that gift. Have a good Thursday, and thanks again for making the world a more bueautiful and joyful place.

Dear friend—I am honored and deeply touched that you are sharing my work and Joy mission with your congregation. It means so much that you found some light and joy in the works. Thank you for letting me know that—I am grateful. It has been very gray and grim of late but this series has taught me that creating joy is a radical act that can heal and bring purpose. Every act of joy generated ripples beyond our scope and into our neighborhood, our communities, our nation, and the world. The more of us who are creating joy, the more positive energy there is to for each of us to use to restore. I’ve heard living through dark times described as a relay, not a sprint or a marathon. We need rest and restoration before and after we run. We pass the baton for someone else to carry while we rest and then we receive the baton and run while others rest. Joy, compassion, and kindness are the energies we need to stay connected. We are interdependent beings on this planet Earth. We need each other and we all deserve joy. Thank you again so much. Many blessing to you. —Sarah

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Bringing Joy