As an artist it's critical to push one's own boundaries in some way or other all the time. About 10 years ago I pledged that every year I would have some kind of adventure. Getting out of your comfort zone takes practice--it's like a muscle you can build. The past 10 years have seen me learn to ice skate, earn my MFA in visual arts, do improv, run half marathons, kayak with Marines (and being the only one who didn't capsize!), take a multi-day hike in Thailand, get married, move cross country, start new jobs, make new friends, and now, taking on a marathon of painting in 2018.

I will paint a painting every day in 2018 and you will see them posted here on my blog, as well as on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is going to take a level of commitment, organization, and planning that will stretch me in ways I know I don't know. And probably in some I have no idea I don't know.

Wish me luck and be sure to check back here or on social media to see the works as they are posted!

Peace. Happy new year!