The Return of The Grey

Here in Seattle, we have had a beautiful, generally sunny start to autumn this year—a relief after one of the greyest and rainiest fall and winters last year. Looking at the weather this morning, I saw the grey returns for at least the next two weeks. Before we moved to Seattle, my husband had warned me that some people who moved to Seattle from other parts of the world have trouble with the grey—or should I say The Grey—and that I needed to be sure I was ok with it before we packed up and moved cross country. A child of England and Scotland, I was all in. I love The Grey. There is relief and joy in it for me. What’s interesting to me now after almost five winters here, is that I get as excited to see The Sun as The Grey—and it used to be I would only get excited for The Grey. Now I find they each serve as relief to the other. I suppose it’s a sort of lived experience of yin yang—in the darkest grey I want sun and on the sunniest day I want grey. So with the return of The Grey, I share with you some of the What 3 Colors Bring You Joy paintings that include this hallowed color.

Pictured below: Grey White Yellow, Version II. Acrylic on YUPO paper. 5"x7" (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved