Fine Art Fan Art: Pinny Arcade

It all begins with a kitty pin

Fact: I love collecting Penny Arcade pins. Several times a year, my husband and I make our way to PAX conventions and I begin my quests for ALL THE SHINY. There's something about the fun art, connecting with people, making great trades that creates a game-within-the-con experience that I love. I adore the quest and the art of the pins.

In fact, I love it all so much I asked the Penny Arcade powers that be if I could paint a Fine Art Fan Art series of paintings of and about the pins, and donate 50% of any paintings sold to Child's Play, their amazing charity that provides games to kids in hospital. They said yes! YAY!

The first in the series is a painting of the most coveted of all the pins: the 2013 AUS Kemper. I quested for this pin for a year. I looooove the Kemper pins and super duper wanted one. I finally made a trade (a Leroy Jenkins and a PAX East Shield) and the Kemper was mine!

This inaugural piece in the series will be available at the Child's Play Dinner and Auction on Thursday, December 8, 2016. It is 10"x10" in acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas.

If you're not going to be there December 8, don't fret! With the blessing of Penny Arcade and Child's Play, I am accepting commissions for Pinny paintings, so long as the image is a Penny Arcade pin (and not that of a partner). 50% of ALL Pinny Fine Art Fan Art sales will be donated to Child's Play. To order, message me at